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What is CuriooKids?

We develop the unique potential and talents of each child, preparing them for the unknown future by growing their growth mindset, resilience and grooming them to be life long learners. We partner up with parents to give their child a head start in life , so that they can be the happy, successful and best version of themselves.

They will be learning 4 hard skills that also serve as a platform for them to build learning behaviours , essential life skills and soft skills that will prepare them for success.

Curioo believes that every child has the potential to be great and possess their own
unique talents and potential.

Thus, we use 4 teaching methods that highly personalised the learning journey for
each child to be able to reach their full potential and develop their uniqueness, while
also developing their soft skills and essential life skills.

On average 5 to 6, and a maximum capacity of 8 people per class.

Yes, not only do we teach the theory and vocabulary of the language, we put more emphasis and focus on how to apply the language in context and in daily life. We teach our learners to communicate confidently, which also means teaching them how to understand their own thoughts and emotions better, have empathy for others, and thus communicate better.
As Curioo would like to develop your child’s soft skills, the curriculum has been carefully designed so that through our 4 core subjects, they will be exposed to situations where they get to experience failure, discomfort and ultimately growth. Thus, no. Our learners cannot pick and choose their subjects as we want to ensure that our learners get the full benefit of our curriculum and methodology.
We range from about Rp90.000 to Rp140.000 per lesson

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But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
- Albert Einstein
We believe that your child has potential for more. Curioo is here partner with you to bring out that potential in them.
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